Friday, March 26, 2010
I have had the above blog address since i was 18. So i've been blogging for 5 years. From those angsty (not so rebellious) teenage years to this young working adult.  We kept telling each other that we don't wish to grow old but the truth is most of us are raring to move forward, no matter in terms of getting that promotion, buying a new house, having kids etc. Even that holiday in December makes you wish time would pass faster.

There's so much in life to look forward to, especially when you have so many wonderful people to share it with. That's the optimistic me speaking, by the way. I gotta admit that this should be the best part of my life now that i have considerable financial freedom and almost zero burden. When you are young you can't help but have this feeling that the world is your oyster and you can be whatever you want to be.

I've decided to move on to another blog. It's not a turning point of my life (although maybe in my own little digital world), i just thought that it would be a nice fresh start with a cleaner template. I'd also like to put up some of my handicrafts online if time permits.

I've moved all of my travel posts there to start off cos i thought it'll make it look more happening. It does!!

Isn't daralis such a nice name? It means beloved, by the way.

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Monday, March 22, 2010
Nagoya castle
The last time i've been to Nagoya was November 08 and it was the first ever flight in my career. Wow. We decided to try the unagi that's so famous here.

Highly recommended by my Japanese colleague.

OMG look at the eel grilled to perfection. It is sweet thanks to the BBQ sauce yet does not lose its fresh eel flavour.

We ordered 2 different 'styles' to try. The truth is we can't bear to buy 2 expensive meals so we bought 1 less expensive one to share.

This is supposedly the trademark of the restaurant but the most expensive unagi meal i've ever tasted.... cost me almost 40SGD.

There's a special way of consuming it. First you split the rice into 4 parts. Scoop 1 part into a bowl and eat it as it is. Next, scoop the 2nd part and add the seasoning (wasabi, seaweed and chives). Add in their broth with the 3rd part. Lastly eat it your favourite way with the 4th serving!

Hurhur. We simply added all the seasonings in. Yummy! No broth cos it made it too wet.

A drawing of my meal. How cute!

Winter is ending and flowers are popping out along the streets.

We visited the Nagoya Castle.

First signs of Sakura!

The castle.

See the plane taking off. How poetic.

I never get sick of Japanese bakeries and confectioneries.

Poor prawns. Dead and stuck on a wrapper for decorative purpose!

So we basically wondered about in parks and shopping malls and rested ourselves with teas and cakes. SY says we'll make good tai tais and this picture is a good indication.

Finally, i can't rave enough about Japanese bread. In fact Taiwan has the same fluffy soft bread as well as China. I don't see why Singapore bread can't be the same. WHY!!!!!


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Monday, March 15, 2010
I'm having an ultimately stressful time planning my trip to japan. Don't tell me to relax and take it easy cos I can't. See I'm just this sort of uptight fussy bitch when it comes to this sort of thing. The schedule is so tight that the itinerary gets messed up as long as I miss one train.

By the way have you seen the train system?? It's a bloody maze and some maps don't print all the lines cos many of them are run privately so many a times u will read 'take the sain line to kinosaki station' and you stare at the map searching your eyeballs out among the ridiculous web of subway lines.

And then you sort of fall into the web and get tangled and the spider comes to gobble you up.

OR, you could try to find another map of the exact same location but looks completely different.

I dunno if it's this Virgo thing that if I plan something it has to be detailed and go exactly and perfectly as intended. Any stumbles stresses me up. At the same time the Leo in me likes to take control and be in control of the situation. And of the people too if possible.

But in the first place I'm not a planning enthuse. I'd like to be referred to for the final decision yet I'm indecisive.

I'm just a confused character!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010
wanna fly?
Many of my friends have been asking me questions about flying and tips for the upcoming SIA cabin crew interview. And I'm always very eager to share cos it's their first step out to achieving what they want and let's admit it, it takes damn a lot of courage to tell others you aspire to be THE Singapore girl risking unwelcome mockery including the fact that you might not make it. Plus, you will be judged largely by the way you look stand walk talk behave even the smoothness of your skin.

Oh sorry you should also be kinda smart. We are not, like, bimbos, like, you know, toduhlay?

I'm telling you if I go for the interview now I might not make it.

Ok good luck!! Faster join! I could use more friends in here.


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Sunday, February 28, 2010
food + photography
Hello i'm now in Zurich and i'm very bored and hungry while waiting for the restaurant to open so i shall post some photos.

Vday flowers :)

We had coffee and tiramisu by a random cafe along the streets. It feels nice to just sit around people watching with a warm cup of coffee in hand. And it seems like a good pastime that people in Europe like to do. We even saw people along the streets with flutes of champagnes munching on what looks like curly Porky. But we decided against paying 15 swiss franc for a flute of champagne :(

Starter bread at lunch.

Lou hei with chunks of abalone lol you will only see it in my house.

Xiang's birthday cake.

Apple crumble at a friend's restaurant in Adelaide.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010
Update update.

We managed to get a flat at Dawson recently (supersuper lucky thankyouthankyou) so i guess we'll be moving in if we get a good unit. There seem to be a lot of hype going on about Dawson, and i know at least 5 friends who applied for the same. Upon doing much research (ahem sexciting!!)

I discovered that (!!!!) most people who applied/successful in their ballots are courting couples in their mid-20s (like me although i refuse to admit) and some have not even graduated (like my 'FIANCE' hahahahha) and they are all excitedly buzzing around claiming to be chopping LOFT UNITS that cost at least 500k and i really wonder how people just KNOW that they can afford things.

I was super apprehensive about this whole 400k 83sqm thing because i did not want to be coughing out blood every month and continue to live a frugal life just to pay for the roof over our heads but don says we can pay by cpf but that's assuming i draw a much higher income in 5 years than what i have now plus he's earning a neat sum but HOW TO ASSUME THIS KIND OF THING???

That's like placing a bet that i will be rich in future.

Then they say it's a good investment blahblah can make a tidy sum after selling BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT you are buying this piece of tiny land at record price and again you are ASSUMING price will go up but what if the bubble bursts?????

Therefore don't buy JUST to speculate, but only if you foresee yourself living there for many years.

So i'm thinking if the worst happens eg. property prices dive/you can't find a job after graduation/your gf breaks up with you, within these 5 years as they are building your dream home (which is completely possible when you are only 24), you won't be able to move in anymore and i wonder what really happens after that. They will be at least 20k poorer or x2 if this is not their first home. WOW.

As you can see i'm being a funny negative person here but it's 20k helloooooooooo but i shall put my trust in all these people on and believe in my life being completely smooth sailing in years to come.

Of course plus some extra hard work :))))))) I guess in order to achieve something there has to be many sacrifices made.

HURRAH! I'm excited finally getting my own place although that's still a long time away.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010
nice visiting a new place
Don and i visited a nice burger place called 'The Hand Burger' hahahahhahaa trying very hard to be cool. Anyway it's at the basement of Raffles City. Initially don kept emphasizing "HAND!!!" when he told me about this place but i heard "HAM" and he kept repeating "HAMBURGER HAMBURGER!!! HAHAHHAHA" and i was like what the hell is so funny.


It has the best lychee mint freeze! With nice chewy lychee bits and not so minty taste i likeeeeeee.

I know it's trying to be one of those fusion foods, with things like mandarin oranges and herbal duck in its burgers. Pretty nice combination of ingredients.

The funniest thing on the menu. Split open the big tomato and it's coleslaw inside! Don says it looks like split belly with guts spilling out. Really weirrrrrrd but taste ok! Refreshing compliment to your burger which could be quite heavy.

Playing with the mint leaves.

I rarely visit new restaurants, i realize. So unadventurous.

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Monday, February 15, 2010
The number of surprises that u had planned for/ managed 2 surprise me are few n far in between but this time you did :) happy (belated) valentine's day!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010
blaming others
I have a friend who has the most ridiculous friends.

Apparently, a friend, lets call her susan. Susan's dad had an incident and was admitted to the hospital. However she was on a full day standby for work duty. Being the only child susan had to tend to her dad so she called to apply for urgent leave. The genius on the other end offered her a dodgy suggestion: to just put her on standby for half day and promised not to call her. Since this is a ridiculous story you would have guessed that she was indeed activated for work. Who did she blame? Blah the company the management blahblah.

She also has this other friend, mary. Mary applied for a company sponsored 2-month course. After signing the agreement she later realized she has to be bonded to her company for a year. She accused the company of 'cheating' her and related her misfortune to her friends (which one of them is my friend. ok not complicated).

So what i'm trying to say is, it is so easy to point your finger and put the blame on others, or more so THE MANAGEMENT the government the big organizations out there guilty of capitalism and widening the rich-poor gap blahblahblah, that sometimes you fail to see your own shortcomings and what you could have done to prevent these altogether.

If susan choose to trust this dodgy guy who 'promised' not to activate her instead of insisting on taking the day off (dad in hospital!!!) can you blame her? DUH! Putting you on half a day standby would only REDUCE the chances of being activated. If he can promise not to activate you, it wouldn't matter being on half or full day standby. Thus either susan was lying or she is stupid.

Then how can mary not read the agreement before signing? Of course she insisted it was not stated on the agreement which is another DUH because if it wasn't then you are not obliged to fulfill the bond!

See??? It is so easy to point out others' mistakes but i'm sure i make many of those myself that i'm adamant on. And listening to stupid stories like this make me really agitated.

Think i'm gonna get myself a cold drink now.

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Friday, February 12, 2010
I'm hooked on this application on my phone called Morelomo! It's like this camera function that turns all your lousy quality iphone photos lomo-ish. Or lomography. I don't really know the right word to use i only know lomo means nice colours on your photos. Ok fine it means photos of high contrast with unusual saturation and colour (wikipedia is my good friend).

Teehee! Don found this somewhere.

His box that he had to move back when he got fired.

It made my boring mango strawberry drink look cool!

And this half eaten plate of satay beehoon...

...looks really artsy.

So do these HDB buildings. Just like those in eric khoo movies. Woohoo!

Go download Morelomo! It's absolutely free! Since iphone camera is such a lame ass might as well make the photos look artsy to cover up the lousy quality.

By the way i found this really nice and cosy little shop at Sunshine Plaza which sells a small range of lomo cameras. You can find fisheyes and polaroids and many different types of lenses etc. but i really wanna get this thing called Diana. But i guess i will just settle with my free application afterall. Or edit with my newly discovered Photshop.
Major geek post!

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