Thursday, November 26, 2009
台湾观光 part3
This is the corpse of Bambi's fetus. In events of an earthquake or tremors, mother Bambis abort their babies to run faster and this is one of the poor abandon kids.

An extremely valuable source of protein, calcium etc and you eat it like pork floss.


The poor guard at the war memorial.

Changing of guards.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 国立中正纪念堂 is a monument in memory of former president Chiang Kai Shek, but was then renamed National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall by the LAST former president and now the gateway still says Liberty Square 自由广场.

Heavy political agenda behind, go find out yourself.

Flanked by theater and concert hall

On our way to Yilan 宜兰. We're going to stay in a fruit farm!

Very kampong place.

Ducks waddling, following closely behind each other's butts.

Main admin building which is also the restaurant. Opps it's a farm. I mean kitchen.

Da tou wawa...

Ok let's make dumplings. Did you all wash your hands???

My lousy attempt at spinning the top.

放天灯 releasing lanterns is a very touristy thing to do here. Even in WELCOME2TAIWAN commercials you'll find this very familiar.

Fly me to the moon....

Bubble machine!!!


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Sunday, November 22, 2009
You can't solve everything in the world by 2 words I'M SORRY. Much less I SAID I'M SORRY WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO.

Fucking kidding me.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm in Houston, Texas with a 14 hour time lag :S I feel screwed up cos i dunno what time to sleep and i wake up at unearthly times like 6am and start calculating the time in GMT +8, WHICH is a weirder time to wake up at. AND THEN i'm leaving tomorrow to go back to Moscow which is in another world altogether.

Rarrrr. I'm kinda exhausted.

I told myself i won't spend much for this Moscow-Houston trip but once you step into a mall here it's ahhhhhhhh hell break loose.

BUT i'm VERY under controlled (hoho) and only spent minimally on cosmetics (did you know MAC is cheaper here?), which is a perfectly legitimate NEED right?

OK i'm now getting ready to go to the factoryoutletsbyebye.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
台湾观光part 2
3rd day in Taiwan-Nantou county.

Sun Moon Lake. Famous tourist destination. Also one of the places hit badly by the 921 earthquake back in 1999.

Wenwu temple.

On a balcony overlooking the scenic lake.

A rare breezy spot with abundance of fresh air!! *breathes deeply*

My tour guide Raymond took this with his pro camera :) Me likeeee!

We reached Puli winery. That's a display of the damage from the 921 earthquake. Mother nature can be so destructive :(

Ice lolly of yam and... Shaoxing wine flavour -_- Doesn't taste so good...

Purple flowers :p Couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures...

Chung Tai Chan Monastery. The biggest monastery i've ever seen. Ahem actually it's the first monastery i've ever seen, but i'm sure it's still one of the biggest around. I mean, it totally resembles a glamourous administrative building.

Overlooking trees and mountains.

One of the 4 big scary stautes which they call the 4 heavenly kings!!! o_o (Not Andylau that kind). I'm as tall as his err... maybe ankle.

We later ventured into a garden beside the monastry. Tiny me under a big tree with bright yellow flowers.... which i went on to discover, were infested with bees... I risked my life for this bloody photo!!!

Strange twisted trees....


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