Thursday, October 29, 2009
This may be slightly unbelievable but my company is recruiting. Our organization lost over S$300 million last quarter. They left some of their assets in the desert.

But only 'slightly' because the industry itself is volatile. And the attrition rate for my position is atrocious, much worse than all you out there complaining about your shitty job.

Come and be my colleague!

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4 years...
Wah! I've been attached for a whole 4 years since Oct 2009! This calls for a celebration. Don booked a place at an Indian restaurant. Clapclap for the novelty!

The Clay Oven @ Dempsey.

We sat outdoors on a picnic table heehee. Here's how it vaguely looked like. Dempsey used to contain army barracks and some of the buildings were preserved. It was dark and there were a lot of trees around... including banana trees and frangi pani in my imagination.

Mix tandoori grill! I learnt that tandoori is an oven. I always thought it was a sauce.


Mutton with rice yummmmmmmmmmmmms.

The spinach with cottage cheese thing. Palek Paneer?

Close up of the mutton.

Tough decision... Hmm....

Blur picture of happy us...

Hurhur. I told him to secretly take the picture of the guy working the tandoori.

Banana split at Ben and Jerry's!

The night ended with LEFT 4 DEAD at a seedy gaming place with sweaty underaged boys teehee I LOVE KILLING ZOMBIES.

I only learnt how to appreciate Indian food after i started going to the middle east, cos there was basically nothing else much i could get hold off other than that and fast food. My widened vocabulary includes 'bhindi', 'chicken tikka', 'mushroom masala' and many more :D Yay! I had a great evening but can't really comment much about the restaurant cos i dunno much about Indian food.

Happy (belated) 4th year anniversary!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009
i don't mind doing surveys but...
I have a problem filling up application forms. I dunno which box to tick under 'occupation', thus i will usually tick 'others'. Then i came upon this website which says that cc is 'rank and file'.

rank and file

1. the members of a group or organization apart from its leaders or officers.

Hmm. It is the plain truth, just that i haven't thought of it this way before. Plus it doesn't sound... very impressive. Then, i had another idea in my head. I have successfully jumped from a management job to a 'rank and file' job that pays more.

Hmm. Interesting.

In another story, i was waiting for don at habourfront mrt station. You know how it is always crawling with people making you do surveys in the pretense of selling you things. I was standing alone by myself in front of a Halloween poster, twiddling my thumbs, minding my own business.

Young chubby guy approaches.
YCG: Can you don't stand there, you look like a ghost. (In mandarin)
Me thinks fuck off.
Me: Hur.
YCG: HAHA. Just kidding. So are you studying or working.
Me: Erm. Working.
YCG: As?
Me thinks what has it got to do with you. Mumbles something.
YCG: Can you help me do a survey?
Proceeds to take out a crumpled piece of paper, each side containing multiple pages of surveys, folds down to a small, single page and passes it to Me.
YCG: (makes numerous attempts to create a decent conversation eg. which is your favourite country)
Me: (refuses to cooperate by responding with 'hur's and it's ok's)
YCG: Have you heard of upgrade of medisave?
Me looks at her survey paper and sees only questions regarding her hobbies and favourite place to shop.
Phone rings. Don is here. Me walks away.

This salesman suck because
1) He is not well groomed nor well spoken.
2) His first sentence, supposedly an ice-breaker, was WRONG. He thought it was funny.
3) He started asking personal questions without breaking the ice, because of a very bad mistake which is no. 4
4) He did not sense that the ice was not broken.
5) Not at all professional. Survey forms were like salted vegetables, and did not introduce himself nor his company.
6) All in all, very low EQ.

Take note, would you buy something so important and life-changing like insurance from this guy????

On the contrary, the Singnet personnel who came knocking on my door this evening was much more impressive. She came with appropriate greetings, showed me her staff pass, introduced herself and asked how to address me.

I'm not a snob or anything, but these are the little things that can determine other's attitudes (+ve or -ve) towards yourself, be it conciously or not.

You may not be able to outrightly pin point the reasons why you would not buy insurance from YCG but you just know that you definitely would not.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009
One day more!
One day more to complete my business class training.

So much to learn, so little time.

The service in J is so much more elaborate and personalized than Y. A comparison is like heaven and..... earth lah, not hell.

I can now make aircraft food

look like fine dining.


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Monday, October 19, 2009
Friend commented on my facebook profile photo.

"You look like an actress."

Hahahahahhahaha i WISH.

Lookie! Photos! Plucked from paxing- which is when we deadhead on a flight.

During boarding. 10hours sitting on my butt watching TV rather than working.



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Friday, October 16, 2009
about growing up. again.
I've been reading my old blog. Like superrrrrrrr old from 2004. The entries make my hair stand (that's what you call growing up) but somehow they are much funnier. Not boringggggggg ramblings like now.

When i was younger, i used to put all my feelings out there. I would blog about exactly how i felt today, what i said, and what i think needs to be done. 敢爱敢恨. Now, i'd think about if my content was politically correct.

Going through the teensy years was like riding on an emotional rollercoaster. So much that you experienced were new; emotions raw. Every change that happened felt like a milestone in your life. Wow my posts were really emoooooooooo to the max.

I'm older. But i'm WISER (ya ok, laugh). And i'm glad to be over this angsty phase.

And i had really great friends. Here was what i blogged about on Monday, March 28 2005.

bra: don't cry le lah cry le also no one know.
me: i know loh. you know.
bra: wah then you cry for me to see ah. cannot liddat.
me: i cry is not for people to know one wat. hee. who will care. he also won't care. no one cares.
bra: the one who cares is here loh.

Thanx bra for caring =D

me: i'm a selfish girl.
mer: who says you are! i wanna scold that person.
mer: rah!

So heartwarming right. I don't think i have friends who'd say that anymore. We have all grown up.

我们都长大了。 情绪化的日子也都过去了。

Sorry, just trying to blog some chinese like kelly miyuki lol.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009
Yen mag
I enjoy the fact that i get to buy magazines overseas. Have to admit i find glossy fashion magazines irresistible. (Although mostly a quarter of the pages are filled with ads).

When i was in secondary school i went through a phase of buying i-weekly almost every week. Then there were teensy mags like "Lime" or "Teens" or "Teenage". When i got older, i became interested in fashion, so came "Cleo", "Elle" and what not.

But i'm no longer the girl who reads Cleo every month now cos i've got a new found fav! :):):)

Yen from Australia. Very obscure mag, apparently. We import a good and wide selection, really. You could find most of the well-known titles in major bookstores here like Kinokuniya or Borders, but i couldn't find my Yen. In fact, i couldn't even find it in aussie's supermarkets. They hide in only newstands or shops that soley sell magazines.

I think it's somewhat of an arty mag cos the books and films and artistes they discuss about are somewhat indie too.

But no matter. I still love pretty girls in pretty clothes and not only Yen features photoshoots that are interesting, mind-intriguing as much as they're beautiful...

They also deal with serious issues and discuss current affairs. Which is good for me cos i want to be SMART. Heehee.

And there are always travel stories!

A fashion magazine packed with general knowledge, geeky current affairs and interesting stories! Good for geeky bimbos! I'm well on my way to having more fashion awareness AND getting smarter at the SAME TIME!

Buy for me if you're in Aussie!

And then i also cut my hair into a sha gua tou again. I'm sick of having to plaster hair gel and hair spray into my already thinning fringe. I had my camera lying around and Ethan, my 1-year-old nephew, (we call him xiangxiang) came running in (:

He has curly hair like Domyoji! And small eyes. I think he looks like jay chou in his earlier days. Bwahaha!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
wah, new blog ah
Wah! New blog layout. Little known to many, i hated my last blog layout. It's beautiful, really. But i hated how i had to click n click to get to several pages. It gets on my nerves. And it felt like it had a very childish style. Thus due to my dislike of the layout, i lost my motivation to insert words in it.

Not like this is very mature, especially since i did it myself. Very amateur-ish still too. Hurhur. But i like it better.

Since it's the first post of a new layout i shall couple it with a nice photo of me and my don for auspiciousness.

Updated picture of don. He looks somewhat the same after knowing him for more than 6 years. I secretly fear he will still look the way he is after 10years, thus it has never been on my agenda to make him adopt a proper skincare regime. I am evil.

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