Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Amazing wardrobe
I really don't mind going to India (among the moans and groans from my colleagues), other than the dust and frequent stares from the locals (men). Time seem to pass especially fast onboard ("viskey vater!"). Plus you only need to serve one meal, compared to Aussie where you get one more hour of flight time but gotta serve one more meal???? Bo hua!!!

The hotel is always grand, clean, and i always liked India Indian food. Even the triglyceride-choked food catered onboard is super shiok (lamb gholash with insert names of exotic spices and vegetables that i cannot pronounce).

This is the new Crowne Plaza at New Delhi. Be my judge!

This was taken outside the bathroom.

Tadaa! Watch TV while bathing!

OK in case you are not alone, use the remote control to let down the blinds.

Welcome to my room!

Do i see fruits??!

Even the toilet bowl has a room by itself.

You know how when you read Enid Blyton and you wish that one day when you open your wardrobe you'll step into wonderland?

This is my wardrobe.

Let's open up...

Push the back of the wardrobe... huh! There's light!


Enter the bathroom through the wardrobe! Cool shit!

Since i've been bluetoothing photos from my phone i might as well bluetooth the cutest marshmallows i've ever seen.

Looks like tang yuan!! So tiny and round and cute! QQ~~~~~~

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Saturday, April 25, 2009
I should stop watching tv but...
So i woke up today and found that it was 6.29 on the clock.



Not that i have anything to do. But still OMIGOSH.

Yup i did stay up the night before and went to bed only at day break. I would reasonably expect myself to wake up in the late afternoon but NOT THAT LATE. Omigosh i feel like damn messed up now.

So anyway i got up for dinner and the end of the day is near. Wow. I realize my life is indeed carefree. There's not much stress from my job, especially now that i'm near to clearing probation. On my off days i have absolutely nothing to do except to go out with friends/don or clean my room (which i never got to doing) or watch tv. This is how my brain is degenerating and i should be doing something about it. Hmmm.

*Stares into space as i sit back in my lounge chair with a potato chip in hand*

Anywayanyway as i was telling hotbabe, i'm currently watching this tragic love period drama online and it's inexplicably touchingly addictive. Picture a handsome intelligent young man from a wealthy influential family in the 1920s China. He returns from the west and had to marry a stranger for family glory. They ended up falling in love, yet their lives are bound with twists and turns... Complete with a 2nd uncle who plots after family asset and a 3rd party slut, don't you think this story is just so absolutely beautiful and.........


Why am i still watching this?? I gotta tell you, it must be due to the fact that it's directed by a female because they make love scenes so sweet and appealing for other females. And i honestly think it's breathtaking the way they film certain scenes.

(Call me cheena but) watch 凤穿牡丹!

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Monday, April 20, 2009
I didn't know how marina barrage looked like
Porkie complain say i never update my blog! Na! Now i kop your pictures to update!

So it was a sunny sunday and tina treated her bestest prettiest friends to dim sum since she has recently struck it rich. We then explored marina barrage! I love my Supre skirt from Perth! And my Ah lian bag + keychain from Japan! And my 2 for $20 shoes from Cotton On! And my $12 shades from Dubai! And my colourful bangle thing from NUS bazaar! I love how i remember exactly where i got my stuff from!

Nice picture.

Pear says this looks like the airport?

We couldn't decide where to look.


I was supposed to be pointing at Hougang but melfy never include it!

Wow! It's been a long time since an 'outing with friends' post. Goody!


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I genuinely like this song!


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Monday, April 6, 2009
Lust of the moment

I could really use a sugar daddy right now.

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shopping for dondon
After complaining about the book, i gotta say that i disliked the movie too. It's cheesy, even for a chick flick. Enough said. Watch for the feel good factor, but expect to cringe, a lot.

I do like one quote though.

(with gusto) When i shop, the world becomes better!

So it was don's birthday (he's 23!) but i wasn't around. Poor him said he was doing project. BUT i called him from Cairo (teehee!).

Cairo 6pm
Singapore 12am


Don picks up. Halowwwww?

Me: Happy brithay to you! You are born in the zoo. With monkeys and elephants. You are just like one too!

Don: ............

But he's happy with his present. He promised he will love me more.

Me: I can't believe i bought such an expensive present for you. I should have saved up and buy myself an LV bag instead. Damn! Can we sell this on ebay?

Don: ...........

Anyway so i realize i've been delinquent on blogging about my travels (which is the main draw to my blog, i assume). I tell myself i will start soon but i don't and the pictures just build up until it's too much for me to even wanna start. Gee and i thought this feeling would stop after i say byebye to tutorials and term papers.

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