Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I feel so fake sometimes. Too many a times i want to say 'fuck you' but i end up saying 'thank you'. I can totally understand why people quit prematurely 'for the wrong reasons', as quoted from the management. They didn't quit for the wrong reason, they might have joined for the wrong reasons.

Also, it's my birthday! Woooooooo

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Friday, August 21, 2009
losing life's enthusiasm
So it's gonna be my birthday soon and i have absolutely no plans. I have an off day but i don't even know what i wanna do. Maybe i'm getting too old to anticipate my birthday. When i was younger i'd start to count down and plan for what flavour my birthday cake would be. In the next few years i'll start forgetting how old i am.

Is growing up an excuse to lose all childlike enthusiasm?


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Thursday, August 6, 2009
this is what i do - the cool factor
I realized it's weird that i took pictures of myself in the hotel room instead of the sights and sounds of the bustling streets below. You see, i barely had sufficient time to savour my ah zong mee zua/XXXXXXXL hao da da ji pa/ning meng ai yu/zhen zhu nai cha etc. Do the people in our line really get to see the world? I did see many hotels. And probably just the essence of the world. For instance, we only travel to the major cities. We then only had time to get to the highlights of each city, provided it's within short travelling distance from the hotel.

I visited the pyramids in Egypt,
cuddled a lion and

fed a giraffe in South Africa,

marveled at the Blue mosque in Istanbul,

seen the Swiss Alps in Switzerland...

took a picture with the Sydney Opera House...

But that's almost as much as all i could do each visit. Unless if i visit repeatedly. Like....

I have a strong affinity with the middle east. Which basically just means that i get rostered there a lot.
Which gave me opportunities to

belly dance in the desert,

visit an old gold market and creek,

shop in the biggest mall in the world,

gawk at the world's 7-star hotel,

stare at the tallest building in the world.

Ok after posting all the photos i actually feel quite cool. Hahaha thick skin. But something that bugs me is that along with this job, i meet a lot of random people. And i tend to wonder if these random people are friendly to me cos of my status. (not that i have a high status duh of cos but people tend to think it's very glam. which is UNtrue). Now even when i meet old acquaintances they are extra friendly to me. Not that i do not enjoy this sudden surge of affection from people, only that it makes me feel fake. Or maybe they are not extra friendly, i think too much. You think?

But i guess i understand the natural reaction cos when Ian (the drunk one) told me he's now a film producer i was going all "WOW SO COOL do you get a lot of girls who want to sleep with you". He said he was gonna make our new safety video. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
One night inTaipei

I came back from Santorini totally sunburnt.

Not totally. Just the shoulders and arms.

Face was fine cos i got myself a silly big hat with a ribbon on it.

I hope i'll get round to posting my beautiful pictures. But here are some dated pictures first. When i just rebonded my hair! So nice and smooth. But now it'sall in a mess again gah.

My outfit. Ready to roam the Shilin night market in Taipei.

Hair. So much neater. Face. Made up on a rare occasion.

Lookie me new bracelet!

Yay. So princessy.

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