Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Sour grapes!
Ok i've been reading forums again and irrational people roam the world! Like, i can't believe people actually hide behind their computer screens and make stupid comments that make me feel like i'm the wisest girl in the world.

For example, i went into this thread that goes like "the reality of being a *my occupation*" and this girl went completely insane saying that it is a well known fact that girls of *my occupation* are pretentious. The interviewers are arrogant and ask stupid questions that's why the staff is arrogant. I quote her "like mother like daughter".

The following is what she thinks the mentality of us are. Again, i quote "eh, I'm wif *my company* ley, prestigeous airline k? u know how hard to pass the stages or nt? I pass them liao ok? i am smart and I am the one they are looking for."

The company is also apparently not "professional" compared to others with no "standard".

Fish! Is that true? Is that how people see us? Anyway i can't really be bothered cos i know she's not making sense. BUT then i went to check out other threads and discovered........

........that she's just a wannabe loh. She was posting on other threads asking questions about the interview and her personal experience. Gee!! She obviously must have failed! Not only that, she also applied for other companies of the same industry. Huh! She must be seriously cmi.

But anyway sour grapes are extremely common to me. I don't even know what they are trying to prove. Boohoo too bad i still love my job and i love myself and i love my friends and i love dondon and i am neither "pretentious" nor "unprofessional". Yay! Slap me and give me $10000!

And then someone also mentioned in the forum that my job is only like being a high class waitress, the girls are like ah lians. So someone else rebutted that it is not true cos many graduates are in this job now. Then this person replied that graduates come into this because they have lousy degrees like NUS Arts and Social Science.


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What Lesson Can You Learn From the COE being dropped to $2?
I was reading a forum and a particular thread started like this:

"Borneo Motors said to have collected the most bookings after price cuts; it has made a few increases since.

Cycle & Carriage will raise prices by $1,000 this thursday after last weekend's response.

Tan Chong upped prices by $500 yesterday after "thousands" of visitors turned up."

When we cant afford to buy, prices will drop. And the prices becomes too irresistible to forego, so more and more ppl are buying. When we can afford to buy, they turn out to be like a mad dog being just released from the cage. Increasing prices frantically.. up to a point where we cannot afford to buy again..

its a cycle created by humans ourselves.
Another issue caused by GREED.

So i thought the "they" referred to those people rushing to buy cars, and "they" are the "mad dogs" driven by "GREED".

But the rest of the thread goes like "they ish make COE price so low so that ppl will all fall into dah hole". "Then the gahment will increase road tax and erp 2 make us die". "the $2 coe is meant to entice idiots to inject $ back into the economy to buffer back the amt. inside our market". "So that ppl will borrow from banks again". "Is a trap to make ppl buy more cars".

HUH! They consperm ornot?? What the hell are they talking about? I thought COE ish bid one and $2 ish due to low demand? The gahment can fix meh? Wtf ish they toking???



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Monday, November 24, 2008
from the moment i saw you...

An old dance rehearsal in hall more than 2 years ago.

Spot me!

Memories like these make me miss hall :(


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Sunday, November 23, 2008
I used to be reeeeeallly anti Crocs shoes cos i think they're hideous.

I don't care how comfortable Crocs are, you look like a dumbass - Facebook group.

BUT! Muahahaha. I went ahead to buy a pair last night. Before you call me a dumbass, mine looks like this lah!

It does look slightly like what my mum would wear to a wet market lah but after accessorizing them...
... Whee! They look so cute. And so i went on to explore their website and i found THIS!
Teehee! Perfect for winter! I would so buy one pair.

Comfortableness test

My fat feet is slightly wider but because of the styrofoamy-rubberish material, it stretches out nicely so you don't feel the strain at all. No feet biting. Some support to the heel arch. Those pokey little bumps inside the shoe are supposedly to help blood circulation.... which... erm... are kinda comfortable. Prevents your feet from slipping around in the shoe too.

I love it cos i simply find them very fitting and light weight.

Aesthetic test

Well, they ARE baby pink. In fact they are labelled 'cotton candy'.

Slip test
Fabulous! I walked down a slippery cement slope just now in the pouring rain and there were absolutely no signs of a slip. Great grip but then again i was walking at snail speed. Not sure if it would hold if i run but then again which idiot runs on a slippery wet slope.

That's all about shoes. The below picture was just intended to illustrate how puny the Macs MEGA burgur is.

My creepy hotcake had a evil, knowing smile as though he knows something i don't.
And then i hate him up.


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Thursday, November 20, 2008
yay i wanna do nothing but get paid
I just realized i forgot to check out of my chennai flight so i'm doing it now.


So i calculated my estimated pay today. Woah. I work for 99hours and 25mins on schedule, and i'll manage to get myself paid almost twice the starting pay of normal lousy arts graduate (which is me).

Yays for my job!

But before you think i'm a chao slacker, you gotta know that my job is physically strenuous. You think like you all out there sit in office slack and msn all day! Pui!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
back to classroom
No travel logs for now cos i've headed back to training centre for more training. Incidentally, i have graduated. So i'm officially a great way to fly woot~!

Till my first official flight to Brisbane, it's just words in this space now.

So we recently had some VVIPs in the form of Chinese officials to visit the training centre to see how we managed to give each employee 6months bonus in previous financial periods. Obviously, it's not going to happen again now. But i got to see the nice CEO during the event and i remembered how he said we won't be cutting jobs yet and we all love him.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Something beautiful
I went to Chennai and back.

Have been awake for more than 19hours.


Every time i look out of my office window i see something beautiful.
A view that's never the same the second look.

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Friday, November 14, 2008
Welcome 2 Taiwan!
Hello let's blog!

I've been wanting to go Taipei for the longest time. Didn't get to do much during the 1 day stay but the experience was great nevertheless :)

This is what they call their private parking.

The hotel was really nice but the view not so ><
Retarded pic on a cab.

Seriously, Starbucks is everywhere.

Don't the streets remind you of Geylang?

The shops here are more like the Bugis Street kind.

My outfit of the day haha! One of my greatest fear is to appear suagu among the locals cos i have no knowledge of autumn/winter fashion or whatsoever.

This is the famous shihlin market, if you can read the sign...

Huge monstrous sausages!

Dinner for the day. Pork and mee sua. Was not great at all but oh well. I got treated nice beef noodles by my chief but forgot to take pictures.

Authentic Taiwan sausage.

Ah ma making oyster egg.

Smelly tofu!

Let's just say i'm pretty amazed by how big the chicken cutlet is. I'm still waiting for my buddy to send me the evidence in print which clearly shows it's bigger than my (already very big) face.

So crispy! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmsssssssss.......

The joy of milk tea...

Ok that's all thankyoubye.


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in times like this...
I'm back from Taipei.

I saw someone's roster like this:

27 nov - SSS1
28 nov - SSS1
30 nov - SSS1
1 dec - SSS1
3 dec - SSS1

5 dec - MNL nite stop
8 dec - MEL
9 dec - Pax-ing back

11 dec - BKK
12 to 16 dec - CDG

19 to 22dec - ATQ

25 dec - SSS1
26 dec - SSS1
28 dec - SSS1

SSS1 meaning standby meaning stay at home, wait and see if someone calls you to work. Gee, and i thought mine was bad. I shall not complain too much.

Christmas at jakarta! Here i come!

At least osaka was my saving grace. Well, she has paris too :|


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Sunday, November 9, 2008
my watch!

Gee i just found yet another crew with my watch! This is getting irritating! hmph!

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Nagoya 7th-8th Nov
Yes, as the saying goes, i get to "travel around the world". But with 3 turns and 2 night stops in a month, you'll wonder if i really get to see it. But nevermind, i'm still happy :)

First month flying and i get 2 chennai turns already. But nevermind, it's good cos then i'll be familiar with my work. Ha see! I'm so positive, everything also nevermind! :D

Now my blog finally has some pictures. >< In a convenience store. Their stuff is amazing, made me feel like buying out the whole shop. Look at all the little snacks nicely laid out in shelves. The most interesting thing in our 7-ll is the mash potato machine.

ALL bottled energy drinks. What you saw on your manga/anime was true! They do down these things like water! Maybe our version of red bull. Gee i should have bought one to try.

I should have taken more pictures of the store cos i loved it so much but i didn't wanna risk looking like a sua gu (which in fact i am so i shall not expose myself).

Dinner was katsu curry. As we stepped in to order a takeaway, they sat us down and offered us drinks for no charge. In singapore you better stand outside and wait.

The curry making boy was shy.

Streets at night.

I see lots of men in business suits. Even the bus drivers are in a suit.

I think this was Daiso.

Jill Stuart beauty counter.


My SNY buddy and me!
Lunch was good ramen.
Sitting by the window after the flight. SO TIRED.

View from my 9th floor hotel room.

"Nagoya ichiban biru"! Yay i could read something.

Ok all ready to go home.

Tidbits i brought back. All very cheap. Those from Daiso only like SGD1.50 hoho. I will never buy tidbits locally again.

My only big buy. Liquid foundation freaking cost me about $60 for such a small bottle. But like i said i'm a sucker so yeah.

So i didn't really bring home a huge bucket of loot. That's just because i'm poor. And my room is just too messy to contain anymore of my collection of pretty but worthless objects.

As we are all complaining of the pathetic chances of getting a japan flight (i know i'm quite an exception), i came to understand why after this flight. The language barrier can get very frustrating as many Japanese, especially the elderly (which you know makes up a big portion of the population), only can speak nihon-go. When they speak nihon-go to me, i say eigoo? back and they look at me blankly. LUCKILY i learnt a bit of jap previously, so i understood at least the name of drinks like kohi, oocha or biru! Yay!

And i learnt to say onomimono wa, ikagadesu ka?


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