Thursday, March 26, 2009
Shopaholic abroad
Damn you Confessions of a Shopaholic!

The book is evil and teaches you the wrong values. Worse, it's not just a single book of misguided facts, it's a whole bloody (addictive) series of books.

Look, if you shop all day and fill your entire house with truckloads of useless crap, your bank account goes into red, the problem does not magically go away as you fling the bank statements under your bed. Unfortunately, Kinsella tells you it does, in the form of a charming rich British entrepreneur who marries you and moves you to Manhattan, a new job as a personal shopper in Barney's, therefore with more reasons to continue your disgusting wasteful habit.

I have not come close to Rebecca Bloomwood's standards (obviously cos i don't have her bank account which she shares with her millionaire husband). But as i walked through the malls today (or any other day, as a matter of fact), i could totally relate to her.

Oh look it's an espresso machine. SO pretty, it's pink! Oh but i don't drink expresso. Wait a min, one day i might! Or my boss who drinks espresso might one day pop by and be impressed by my machine. I might finally get the promotion i've always wanted. Heck, it's so pretty. *throws espresson machine into cart*

Before you know it i came home with bags and a depleted bank account, wondering what the hell have i bought. I did not buy an espresso machine, obviously. I'm totally not the kitchenware type. I just bought a DSLite. Even though i knew it was completely needless. So since i bought a console i needed games... and then i thought hey i really need to decorate it so i bought more things. And then i needed a pouch. And accessories.

So there you go. Except there won't be a prince charming to save me now. I'm SO glad i have a job (which i work really hard at ok!!!!!!!)

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Make someone's day
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How do u meet someone who will always make u happy?
I dunno whether i look forward to going home after every flight. For one i obviously want to rest and do nothing at home. On the other hand going home means facing these negative emotions. Again and again.

Besides, i could do nothing in the hotel rooms if i wanted to.

So sometimes i ask myself why do i have to insist on being unhappy. I am, on normal days, happy. I mean, i just came back from japan! But upon coming home, i'm faced with the same doubts as i did from my last trip back. And the last. And the last.

Maybe i just have too much time on my hands to be thinking of stuff. People like to ask me what i do on my off days cos i have irregular off days. My boyfriend is only part time. Plus, even as i'm often away, we are apparently still not spending enough time apart. Friends are either busy at work or fyp or serving coffee at the other end of the world. I don't like to go out when it's too sunny or rainy. So basically i sit on my butt most of the time. Gee.

I guess it's time to start shopping for a puppy.

At least he'll be here for me.

And make me happy again.

Omg i just realised how pathetic i sound.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
crash at narita
So i just came back from Narita and there was a plane crash.

If u could see, it landed on the rear, bounced on the nose, then flipped to the left and ka boom!

I was at the airport 2hours after the crash, on my way to Shinjuku. Totally unaware, i was tottering around the airport in glee imagining i'm some kinda tourist cos how often do i get to roam the airport in civilian right? Everything looked normal to me; there wasn't any large scale panic or grumpy delayed passengers sleeping on benches like those i see on TV. If only i had tilted my head up slightly to notice all the cancelled flights (which, unfortunately, non of them happened to be my return flight).

Yes, like any kaypo singaporean, i would have stuck my face at the glass window and stared.

Which was what some of my colleagues did, as a matter of fact. They saw the news and immediately took the 10min shuttle from the hotel.

I did manage to take a look at the area though, on my way back the next morning. Nothing spectacular.

My steward told me he thinks he heard the crash in the morning and proceeded to describe the sound in full detail (which sounded something like very strong wind, according to him). We then had a serious discussion about how we could have seen the crash itself from our windows.

That is just SO singaporean. Always wanting to be part of the action, but mind you not directly involved.

Anyway, it's scary. I wonder how i'd feel if i really did witness an air crash. Would i still have the guts to fly again? Apparently Narita is notorious for fogs and strong winds and i did witness that myself. Landing felt like a roller coaster.

So. Well. Glad it wasn't me. RIP fedex people.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Financial woes
I bought myself a savings plan worth $300 per month! (estimated value)

Opps did i say that out loud was it supposed to be confidential.

So i was convinced that after putting aside $300 more i'm gonna be so much poorer. I told dondon 'no more luxuries. we gonna have to tighten our belts from now on'. I think he rolled his eyes.

So technically i save 1.3k with 1k of liquid per month. After paying rental to my dad and groceries fee to my mum, i realize i am left with little disposable income. That kinda depresses me. But you see if i think long term, i'm gonna be a rich woman when i grow old cos i would have accumulated 72k in my portfolio in 20years time. That's kinda cool but then i won't be buying pretty dresses and sparkling accessories when i am old would i? So this money could all go to my children's TUITION FEES and PIANO LESSONS. That sucks cos i kinda wanna learn to play the piano myself.

Whatever it is I HAVE ALREADY DECIDED so just stick to the plan damnit i dunno why i'm debating myself on my blog.

So then i decided to check out the IKEA catalouge to see how much furniture cost. I think a sofa already cost more than 1 month of savings. I want plasma TV and pancake machine that prints out Hello Kitty's face too!! Gee! I feel like i'm in The Sims where your simulated people start out with 500 Simoleons and all you can afford is PVC sofa, black and white TV and a foldable dining table.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009
i got a new job
OK so i became a boy for the first time. Not literally but i was doing the job. (Right, for your info, the S.boy and S.girl have different job duties respectively. Typically in an (our) airplane you tend to see the kebaya more cos the boy [which happened to be me yesterday] stays in the galley to do sai kang). So incidentally it happened to be full load with two meals paired with a cockster boss. I dunno if i'm lucky or what.

So well it was kinda fun. Instead of having to serve i get to move heavy objects, clear the trash, prepare beverages, heat meals. I also get to move things around and laugh at people when they can't find them.

Then when i touched down, my bf and i discovered that after 3 years together, he doesn't know my chinese surname. Will any real friends who know my father's name please stand up??!

So all in all it was a fulfilling day of self-discovery.

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