Friday, May 29, 2009
1 point more
So as i was saying, a passenger died onboard when i was working. We then received a commendation from the flight commander for a 'job well done'. As you know, i did not contribute much other than carrying out services as normally as i could. So the idea of getting a compliment, therefore a point added to my annual appraisal and service record, purely due to the fact that someone died, is pretty morbid. Would you call it bad luck, or good? Should i still wish for something drastic to happen on my flight in order to win the coveted point?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Longchamp craze. Only applies to foldable bags.
What's up with Longchamp bags?

OK i know i have one, which i bought long ago. It's light, foldable and great to bring in my cabin bag. Design wise, so-so. Price wise, pretty low, thus affordable to any girls out there who are looking for some sort of a recognizable 'brand'.

But nowadays, i see an average of 2 Longchamp bags in town every 10mins. I'm talking about the foldable ones. I mean, it's still a great bag to bring out even if it's not to fit into your suitcase. But it reminds me of the time everyone had OP bags in JC. Or even fake LV neverfulls in trains. The fact that everyone had an LV neverfull (worse if fake) makes your own LV neverfull (nevermind if fake) less special :( Not that i have one.

But anyway i recently got a medium sized long handled light pink one for my mum for Mother's day. Something like this...

... in Zurich for only around SGD130. HAHA to you suckers who pay SGD 210 at Paragon!!!

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Who lives in a pineapple under the tree?

I ate pineapple rice outta Spongebob's house!


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Socially Unaccepted Behaviours Onboard an airplane
#1. Helping yourself to any random empty seat not assigned to you during boarding.

#2. Mocking the crew when asked to show boarding pass.

#3. Letting your child play with the attendant call button.

#4. Playing with the attendant call button.

#5. Intentionally handing a half drunk glass of water to the crew greeting goodbye to passengers at the door.

#6. Intentionally handing a bag of your own vomits to the crew.

#7. Intentionally handing your child's exposed soiled diaper to the crew.

*note: #5, 6, and 7 does not apply in a situation where you might have trouble understanding the exact meaning of the phrase 'garbage bin'.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009
Why it's important to take safety training seriously...
When was the last time you saw someone die?

I did, at work, en route to Zurich. It was an old man with heart problems. The heart wrenching part was he did not pass away quietly in his seat. My colleagues watched as he gasped his breathe and collapsed, endured rounds of CPR, woke up to say a few words, then slipped away again.

And while all these was going on, i had to keep up the show and continue with the service, all the time catching glimpses of attempts of life-saving going on a couple of metres away.

So i've been wondering, how would it feel like to be performing almost an hour of CPR only to be told upon landing that the person you're trying to save is already gone?

The quote given was "damn fucked up".

We diverted to Vienna, which was quite exciting. But only stayed long enough for the body to be offloaded.

Finally, as how a primary 5 would conclude his essay, What an experience!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Nude shoes!
Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw and her naked dress?

I was on a course today and i saw a girl with naked shoes. I think they call them nude shoes.
Christian Louboutin. Simple Pump 85. USD625. Hers was of patent leather, at least 4 inches high. Looks Aldo-ish. (Also, she has this perfect nose which is not only straight and high, it's cute. Talk to her, and she will seduce you with her long fluttery eye lashes like a pair of butterflies.)

Nude shoes are supposed to make your legs look longer. Like this!

I like! I'm now out to find the perfect nude shoes! Will they be anything less than 2 inches? Cos, you know, i can't walk in anything more than that.

Nina Ricci. Ruffle Peep-Toe Pump. USD725. My bimbotic instincts tell me i like these too. Why must all glam shoes be so tall?


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Monday, May 4, 2009
am i... what if....
I am recently in an identity crisis. I've been asking don the "am i...?" and "what if..." questions. He typically responds by informing me it's time for a shower, or interrupts my "am i..." question with the word "annoying".

Don says i am annoying. Am i annoying? Do i ask too many questions? Which part of my questions do you find annoying? How can ask them in a less annoying way?

I "i have nothing to look forward to anymore. why is nothing exciting?"

Don "cos the rest of the time it's not boring enough."

I "yes it is. i'm so bored"

Don "look forward to your travels?"

I "hmmm. but i don't. i'm like just going through a motion. go, take picture, come back."

Don "how come you haven't shower yet?"

I "i've been busy."

Don "with what????"

I "facebook stalking and comparing lives. i can't stop comparing whether i have better photos/job/boyfriend than other people. do you think i'm sick?"

Don "you.... are a woman."

I "really. do other people do that too? oh no do you think i'm mentally unsound? huh??"

Don "go and shower."

Apparently if i have to be annoying i might as well smell nice.

Ok ya i know the above statement totally makes no sense whadouwant it's almost 6am.

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