Saturday, September 27, 2008
I've always heard that flying is a lonely job. You meet different set of crew on each flight, and many times you have to end up dining or shopping alone. Some girls are even afraid of sleeping alone. I guess socializing is a major part of the job.

So i'm crossing my fingers that i'll do fine. I'm a bit anti-social at times cos i'm perfectly fine with sleeping alone or shopping alone. Maybe not so much dining alone, it makes me feel like a boring loser. But at the very least i am able to visit the toilet alone, and not like so many others who have to have other girls to accompany "pei wo qu toilet" (which i think is very silly). But it's precisely because i don't need people to "pei wo qu" wherever, i might find less motivation to make friends. hmmm. i wonder how it'll work out.

But i often ask dondon to "pei wo qu" places cos i always can rely on his navigational skills teehee.

And people have been telling me that my job is dangerous cos crew "can be raped by their colleague in hotel rooms" (In case if you dunno, it recently happened).

Aiyo. If you're naive and reckless, you can be raped by anyone anywhere ok.


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Thursday, September 18, 2008
taking mc is the 8th deadly sin
Sore throat!!! xiannnnn....

This is the first time i actually refuse to take mc from work/school. If it was in the past i would have begged the doctor to give me more days.

Not that i love work so much that i don't wanna miss a single minute. More of if i miss one day i have to join another class for the lesson i've missed. If i'm suay i will be forced to join another later batch altogether and graduate later. Jialat right!! Plus, taking mc is too much of a trouble. Have to visit company doctor and call so many people. Then make claims. Then get points deducted for promotion.

Wahseh how can i take mc liddat.


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Monday, September 8, 2008
camera, camera
Hello i'm back again to blog in my bad english *cringe cringe*

I would love to post some pictures but here are some reasons why i don't
1) sensitive
2) my camera is bimbotic and obsolete
3) i'm basically lazy to shoot and upload
4) i find it much easier to leech on other people's efforts (in taking photos)

Here is my proposed solution
1) buy a new camera
2) be less lazy

Solution no. 1 is at least possible. With a new gadget my pictures would turn out non-blurry for once; i have something new to feel proud about hence lead to more pictures yay! But i absolutely have no ability to get one at least for the next 3 months. I gotta scrimp and save to buy cosmetics and skincare and haircare and winter wear and so much more with my miserable salary urghhhhh i hate being poor!! :'''''(


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Saturday, September 6, 2008
Eee i was reading my last post and i realise my english is so bad. it has 1) deteriorated beyond belief due to the discontinuation of essay writings 2) turned bad due to the lack of sleep.

I just had 2 communication lessons by the british council to teach us service language. Do you know: there's no such thing as "kindly fasten your seatbelt" because "kindly" is only used to descibe a kind person or a kind act. Some angmo countries use "kindly" only if you are already annoyed so stop using kindly cos it's not kind.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008
regarding dream job

I love red nails (no way!).
Regarding dream job, i think when you have acheived it, it will cease to be a dream, and you only begin to see it as a job in reality.
Honestly, i used to think my current occupation is a stupid job when i was young. I always knew i wanted to go to university so it was like eee why i wanna push stupid trolly after studying so much. It was only this year that i decided i want a travelling job and this is the most attainable one so far. Besides, pay is good, and you learn to be a professional. So somehow the "stupid job" became a "dream job".
The best part of the job has yet to unfold so there still exist some "dream" element to it. So what's the best part of the job? Some people say wearing your uniform, pushing your cabin bag and strolling across the airport ahhahahhaha bimbos!!! Of course travelling lah!


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