Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Victoria's secret very sexy wave
I got this!!

It says 'very sexy' but i don't think it's that much sexy but it's SO comfortable! I also got some boring strapless thing.

And also their sweet body mists BUY 3 FOR $24 i SO got stirred into buying.

I LOVE SHOPPING IN THE US! It is so much more interesting and you really see clothes that people on TV (gossip girls!!) wear. Unlike in sg where you see the same clothes you see 5 years ago and the nice things are frequently way over-priced. Or maybe it's just the thrill of being overseas and spending foreign currency which somehow always doesn't feel like it's real money.

And then i saw macs and remembered how melody says macs in the US sucks which totally deterred me from buying.

I'm going back to Moscow later :(:(:(:( nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Someone says he'll pick me up from work! *jumps around in glee* :D:D:D:D:D


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Sunday, January 24, 2010
feeding myself
It's 3.30am in Texas and i can't sleep.

I just found out (from facebook) that a colleague of mine is quitting. A few others have decided to quit and a few more are hesitant about staying. Now that my bond is almost up, i would expect to hear more of those around my batch quitting. If i knew i had gotten into the wrong job, i would too quit as soon as i can and 2 years doesn't seem soon enough.

Am i going to quit? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh until i can find a good enough job. Contrary to popular beliefs i don't think i have the best job in the world but i believe i could sustain enough happiness to last me till i can find a good job instead of 'i just want to get out of here' like so many others out there.

Then again thinking about a 'good enough' job i'm back to where i am again when graduation loomed near and 'i dunno what i wanna do with my life'. Seriously i still dunno. And staying in this job will always beg the question of 'where are we going'.

To make myself feel better here i'm sure most of the people out there do not know what they want to do/ what they're doing either. Most of us are simply just following the flow, graduate from college then find a cushy job which your parents like and related to your field of study then work till you die. That's life when you don't waste too much brain cells thinking about it.

I wonder if i would fall into that someday (sounds VERY probable).

OK enough pondering in the middle of the night. I'm going to eat pancakes in the morning WOOHOO CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Airbus hereeeeeee i comeeeeeeee

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I have it

A little late but at least i got the better deal! :)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010
where is eveyone
Sick and miserable and feeling pathetic. I often pity expats and foreigners who come here all alone without any friends nor family and i wonder what happens to them if they're sick or get into an accident. But here i am very sick but there's also no one around. Then when they grudgingly come to you they complain and make you feel bad. Wow even more sad right. FML.

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Christmas 2009 in San Francisco
We had a good ol' Christmas eve dinner @ Cheesecake Factory. I dunno what's with my colleagues' obsessions with Cheesecake factories but works for me cos i love cheesecakes *shrugs*.

Anyway the poor boys had to queue early in the late afternoon so that we could get a place in the evening. And we ended up getting an outdoor seat which is very romantic on days like these but on Christmas eve it was chilly and windy :(

View from our table. Nice :)

Gang of girls. So cold we were even wearing our coats throughout the course of the meal. I'd like to be warm and cozy while having my dinner but i have to say that we weren't :(

Pretty shopping mall window display! Why are the local ones so boring and predictable!

Hello Santa!

My Christmas eve outfit hahaha so girly but no choice, i didn't have anything semi-formal that can go with my winter get-up nor anything new to wear.

We had a little gift exchange ceremony hehe. I bought a little hand sanitizer. Useful what! In return i got some chocolates and a grumpy talking snowman. Opps i realized we never really took pictures with the guys.

Out in the streets on Christmas day. Almost all shops are closed but there are still quite a number of people walking around.

I'm ashamed to say that i did not venture beyond these few buildings on my first trip to San Francisco but it was Christmas day and all shops, attractions and eateries(except the asian ones and fast food chains which had asians) were closed. So i kinda spent my day walking around aimlessly then retreated back to my (warm!) room watching tv.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
my laptop is jinxed
Let me tell you a story of a girl who lost her laptop power adapter. One fine day she brought all her barang barang to a room in a hotel where you can use the internet for free. She plugged in her laptop, spent her day there then left the room without unplugging the adapter. She then went off to work and came back only to realize that she had left her adapter elsewhere. Maintaining faith in her colleagues' honesty and goodwill she went back to look for it but obviously it was gone.

"Who would want to take a random power adapter?!" her friend exclaims.

Anyone would if you knew an original SONY VAIO adapter like mine cost $199.

It was a sad sad day.

Thinking back, it was also silly of me to think that my colleagues would leave a perfectly good/new high end power adapter alone where no one is watching, considering they are dubious people who watch porn in front of me.

Enough said.

Don felt sorry for me and he bought me a new super zai Razer gamer mouse with 1800dpi whateverthatmeans. Wheeeeeee it's like so slippery can kill zombies faster :)


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Monday, January 11, 2010
Winter in Seoul
I spent pre xmas and post xmas in Seoul.

It was freezing and there was snow everywhere but we decided to venture to Lotteworld!

One hour train journey from our hotel. At this point of time i realized one of my gloves were missing. Upon inspection of this particular picture i deduced that i must have dropped it before the picture was taken cos it showed i was holding only 1 glove. I managed to back track and found it. Am i Sherlock Holmes or what!

At this point of time my face was already freaking numb from the cold and all these people can still take rides!! How!!!

Remember this show? "Stairway to heaven".


This is the spot where chengjun-ge frequently stands to spy on his girl.

My dinner: Andong Chim duk- stewed chicken with tang hoon that's chewy like rubber SO GOOD but so spicy till my mouth swollen like sausage. MUST TRY!!!! But make sure you have lotsa water if you don't have a steel stomach. They provide some kinda cool vegetable water to supposedly put out the fire but i don't think it helps much.


Pretty etude house.

Gu Jun Pyo!

I didn't manage to find a life size poster of the 4th guy too bad.

Fully equipped hahahhaha this is not being exaggerating. It was -10 degree Celsius on our way back.

That's it for my short trip to Seoul! Kamsahamnida.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
i want to be normal
There are many weird behaviours that are typically practiced among my colleagues. One of them is this: threatening to ask who your instructor is.

For example.

"Please try to learn as much as possible here. I want to see improvement. If i'm not happy with your performance i will ask you who is your instructor (who obviously dunno who i am among 1000000000000000 people he has taught) and i'm sure you don't want me to do that".

Seriously like fuck cares.

Then there's inquiring of seniority.

A: "This girl is just terrible. She told us to meet at this time and she comes late. Then she insisted that we come back to fetch her".
B+C+D+E: "Tsk tsk tsk. Wah lau eh so thick skin".
B: "Senior or not?"
A: "No loh only 22 something CAN!"
B+C+D+E: "WAH LAU EH!!! *in exclamation as though her crime is further aggravated by her youth in the company*"

If you're my colleague and you think the above is normal to you then good for you i'm glad for you.

But I need to hang out with noramler people to ensure my own sanity.

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Monday, January 4, 2010
it's 2010
I'm playing l4d2.

I've been playing don's copy of l4d for a long time and now i finally can't resist the temptation to get my own copy and at the same time fight zombies alongside my don (or blind him with my Boomer Bile).

So then i downloaded STEAM and purchased my very first game online. When i finally hit the 'confirm' button with much anticipation, the screen proceeded to tell me that the download time is 8hs and xxmins.


It's amazing, just like the old times when you login to bitorrent.net or some other crap torrent sites. You grab a seed then leave your burning computer on the whole night to complete the download. Only difference is now i PAY.

So WOW it's 2010 and my first post is about zombies. It's also about new year's eve and how i watched fireworks. Never mind where cos i'd rather not divulge my very secret secret place where no one knows.

Heaven knows earth knows i know don knows.

Shhh! You dunno where this place is!

Special effects.

Ok here are some very amateur fireworks pics taken with my very amateur sony cybershot. Don't laugh ok.

Silly don. He's my new year's present :) His pillow case and bedsheets says 'young' 'free' 'single' and i scoffed. He said "it's not me. my bed is young free and single".

Actually i think your bed is super single.

It's January and don is going back to school :*( boohoohoo no more sticking around him for prolonged periods of time doing absolutely nothing (partly why i buy my own ld42).

Have a smashing 2010! :)

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