Saturday, August 30, 2008
4 days later...
So far so good. Just feeling very tired throughout the whole week running errands, absorbing the vast amount of knowledge and WAKING UP EARLY. Urgh. And grooming is really..... -_- Some people are well aware that i'm used to waking up 30mins before classes in uni start. And now i have to do make up for a good one half hour, travel 1 hour... really grueling. But this is part and parcel of my dream job so i will make it through.

I got 100% for my first theory quiz hahahhaha i'm so clever. I think my grooming really very lousy but next week i will get 90% so that she can gimme a free lancome miracle magic! but i don't anyhow put fragrance so maybe see if i can change to cleanser or something hahahaha.

And i realized i may be the highest paid trainee in class. Hoho! But i'm definitely the clumsiest and the most useless hahahaha so many of them are experienced, being ex-crew and all. Economics has allowed me to calculate flight time and time differences faster. yippeeeee.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
new career
A brand new blog (design) for a whole new chapter in my life. Unfortunately for once this is not designed by me heehee. No time no energy liao. Damn. But will try to edit and personalize this space still :)

So ya my first day of school was good. I have a test tomorrow. I'm not allowed to blog about my company so if you have any questions can approach me personally ya :)

Dondon gave me a Samsonite mini luggage packed with some miscellaneous toiletries bag and photo album for my birthday. He was proudly claiming credit for wrapping it up so nicely, and being all excited and said i can put all my important documents and stuff into this little bag instead of my cabin luggage. So being a straight forward person i am, i said we will all be issued blue leather handbags each.... and he went... oh...

And i felt so bad :(:( i'm sorry dondon. i guess i was doing the typical 'male' thing of stating the fact hahahha but i really felt it was damn sweet and thoughtful of you. Could tell that you really put in a lot of effort in piecing this whole bag of stuff which would be extremely useful to me in future. i really truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate your thoughtfulness and will use it on my every flight :)

I loved every bit of it, and yes even the wrapping :)

Instead of documents i can think of 101 other highly important squashable-nots to contain eg. makeup pouch, accessories, psp, camera, underwear etcetc heehee.


Dondon might not have always been the romantic guy to send flowers and give big balloons to me frequently but he's always nice to me on an everyday basis. I do cherish that well. And when his hands got too full with other projects to give me enough attention, i pout and sulk but hey, i'm gonna be the one always away come 2 months later.

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