Thursday, December 31, 2009
It's the last day of 2009! Lishilee says she dreamt that we were shopping. It's gonna be a good new year!! :):):)

Glad to be home to celebrate the new year with family, friends and my don. Although i spent Christmas in wonderful San Francisco with a bunch of fun people but it sucks to be away from the ones you love.

What will you be doing to usher in the new year? Who will you be with? :)

Don asked me what i want for dinner i said CHILLI CRAB. I think he -_-'''

Wah lau men are hard to please. If i had said some posh restaurant you also not happy. I say food court you also not happy. I say Jap food you'll say we always eat jap food. Then whatuwant whatuwant WHATUWANT?????

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Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry xmas 2009
It's 3.30pm 25th December.

Merry Christmas from San Francisco!


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Sunday, December 20, 2009
$$$ aint it nice $$$
It's always so nice to see a familiar face on board. I met jeremy again on my SYD flight. Knew him from our Moscow-Houston trip where i also met so many wonderful people :) Didn't even know he was on the plane until during the lull period when he started lurking around the cabin lol.

Finally there's someone out there in the company who agrees with me about the 'union' and what a union is supposed to be, unlike many out there. I shall not elaborate but, although it seems like the fate of 80% of the workforce is dependent on 20% who are the decision makers; 80% of the wealth are dominated by 20% of the population, i can only strive to be that 20%.

He asked me if i'm going to buy a house and in my surprise i blurted out "that's sooooooo far away for me...." and he looked disappointed haha.

BTW 'house' meaning a place to stay which i own, not really a HOUSE house.

Truth is i've always wanted to own my own space but after 1.5 years working maybe i can rent a shack. Damn either he forgot i only earn half of what he earns or he thinks i'm OLD enough :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(

During disembarkation i saw my NUS lecturer on his way out hahahhahahha i was in his WORLD RELIGION class but he was sitting in Y i was in J so didn't get to interact with him.

Aren't professors supposed to be rich???

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Saturday, December 19, 2009
new phone?
It is now a good time to buy iphone!

I have been a Singtel user since day one but i haven't got one because when the iphone 3G first launched this is what you get.

iFlexi Value iFlexi Plus iFlexi Premium

Monthly fee
S$56 S$95 S$205
Price of 8GB iPhone 3G
S$138 Free Free
Price of 16GB iPhone 3GS
S$288 Free Free
Price of 32GB iPhone 3GS
S$438 S$138 Free
Bundled data (7.2Mbps)
Bundled outgoing minutes
200 500 1,500
Bundled SMS/MMS
500 500 1,500

Why would i pay a hefty $56 monthly on a bulky phone so that i could make use of its special broadband feature but only to get a stingy 1GB of data???

Then when the 3Gs came in you have a choice of a more economical plan.

iFlexi Lite

Monthly fee S$39
Price of 8GB iPhone 3G S$398
Price of 16GB iPhone 3GS S$548
Price of 32GB iPhone 3GS S$678
Bundled data (7.2Mbps) 500MB
Bundled outgoing minutes 100
Bundled SMS/MMS 500

OK cheaper BUT wtf only 500MB??? Enough for me to facebook on the MRT. Thanks ah.

Nowwwww...... drumrolls....

To be the better of its competitors, Singtel has increased its bundled data to 12GB across all plans other than the premium plan. At the same time the price of the handset has also dropped.

Goody! Should i get myself a xmas gift?


<Low end price plans>

Singtel Starhub M1

iFlexiLite 3G SmartSurf 100 iPhone Value
Monthly Subscription $39 $38 $36
Free Outgoing Minutes 100 100 100
SMS/MMS 500 500 500
Data 12GB 12GB 12GB
iPhone 3G 8GB $388 $388 $398
iPhone 3G 16GB $518 $538 $518
iPhone 3G 32GB $658 $668 $658

Mid end price plans>

Singtel Starhub M1

iFlexi Value 3G SmartSurf 300 iPhone Lite
Monthly Subscription $56 $58 $56
Free Outgoing Minutes 200 300 300
SMS/MMS 500 500 500
Data 12GB 12GB 12GB
iPhone 3G 8GB $98 $118 $98 or $0 with Take 3
iPhone 3G 16GB $248 $268 $248
iPhone 3G 32GB $398 $418 $398

Singtel Starhub M1

iFlexi Plus 3G SmartSurf 700 iPhone Extreme
Monthly Subscription $98 $98 $98
Free Outgoing Minutes 500 700 700
SMS/MMS 500 500 500
Data 12GB 12GB Unlimited
iPhone 3G 8GB $0 $0 $0
iPhone 3G 16GB $0 $0 $0
iPhone 3G 32GB $98 $108 $98

<High end price plans>

Singtel Starhub M1

iFlexi Premium 3G SmartSurf Unlimited iPhone Unlimited
Monthly Subscription $205 $205 $198
Free Outgoing Minutes 1500 2000 Unlimited
SMS/MMS 1500 2000 Unlimited
Data 30GB Unlimited Unlimited
iPhone 3G 8GB $0 $0 $0
iPhone 3G 16GB $0 $0 $0
iPhone 3G 32GB
$0 $0 $0

Taken from with minor updates from the respective networks' websites.

Since they are still making adjustments in response to each others' adjustments (teehee) to gain an edge in the competition, should i wait out a little while more?

Isn't it good that we're now free from the monopoly :)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
about birds
All this while i have been thinking it's BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER but recently don says it's BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. Doesn't it make more sense to say that the birds have the same feathers rather than having A feather? So sure was i that i googled and found that many people has the same misconception as me.

So from now on it's BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER don't get it wrong!

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Monday, December 14, 2009
statement from a lazy girl.
I am constantly plotting to take mc before HK turns or SSS1s.


I'm ALMOST falling sick now. Nose is runny and a few nights ago don somehow managed to swing his shoulder to hit my ulcer on my lip, successfully aggravating the injury. So painful that i teared.


Come to think of it i must have really scared him. He is now labeled as Indian Wife Beater.

BUTBUTBUT i don't want to be sick yet cos the HK flight is not here. I shall attempt to control the virus till after SYD. THEN let it multiply.



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Sunday, December 13, 2009
when i do nothing
I can't help but think that i could be doing so much more with my life, given my flexible (kind of) work pattern and off days. I could be doing another degree, or even a masters. I could continue with my little handicraft business online. I could even be taking hobby lessons. I could even clean my room.


When i come home from work all i wanna do is nua, watch tv and play games.

So well i deserve the rest right? I have yoga lessons which is a good step forward (even though the visits are getting less frequent). But i feel a little stagnant. The learning curve is almost flat and there's nothing much to stimulate my brain.

I think i gotta do something.

Keep thinking that and one day i hope i DO get to it.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009
A piece of heaven on earth
Beautiful Maldives! Sky so blue, clouds so white and water so clear that you could distinctly see schools of fishes shuffling around. I even saw sharks and stingrays machiam underwater world!

My flight was 80% filled with couples on honeymoon teehee.

We stayed in one of the islands called Banados. I think. Or the resort is called Banados. It is so tiny it'll only take you less than half hour to walk one round the island. Felt SO private contrary to the crowded beaches we're so used to, evidence shown in the pictures where you literally see no one.

Anyhow, extremely expensive place to visit on a holiday. They accept USD (not rupees -_-). If you got no money like me just go to one of our neighbours' islands i'm pretty sure they are still some relatively secluded ones that are as beautiful :)

The stewards on my flight offloaded bread rolls for me cos i mentioned it was my first Male flight hehe so sweet. While some crew tried to con me into thinking there are malls and temples with shuttle buses >:(


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Sunday, December 6, 2009
台湾观光 part4
Our room during the farm stay. All trees and crickets chirping outside the window.

Ahhhh fresh air! It was nice getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while.


Can someone tell me what is duo shi fei zhu.

A walk into the fruit farm where we can collect fruits straight from the trees for consumption :)

Enchanted garden feeeeeeel.

Apparently they thought they were being kind to let loose a caged squirrel but it expressed its gratitude by chewing away at their fruits -_-

After a nice soak at the natural hot springs :)

Jiufen. An old street.

Lunch- noodles with drunken chicken, beancurd, century egg, and many random little things i don't remember.

Handmade little flutes in various shapes.

VERY crowded.

Tau huay with chewy yam and sweet potato balls i swear it's delicious.

The museum.


Ah zong mee sua typical.

OMG the queue that is forming almost 2 freakin hours prior to opening -_- There was an anniversary sale...

This is phenomenal. Security literally had to stand guard for crowd control. Apparently every major shopping mall takes turn to hold its annual anniversary sale and it's hugely popular among people here so much so that they have stopped shopping on days without sale.

There was NO space to browse at all and we were literally inching our way around gahhhhhhh you have to know what you want before you come.

This concludes my posts on Taiwan!


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