Tuesday, February 17, 2009
this familiar feeling...
This is one of those days where i feel all bored and lonely and wished i was working instead of moping around at home. I can't imagine how i'm gonna go through 23 feb - 9 mar and i'm glad to be going away on long flights after that.

I must be crazy.

I already have 2 boyfriends but i think i need one more.


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i will be good!
My roster is funny.

Check out the amount of standbys.

Aiwei said she is indian crew. I am standby crew!

But i am also japan crew cos checkitoutcheckitout i'm going Tokyo!! RAVESSSSSSS. One more stop and i conquer all of japan stations!

Damn excited! And for once there is no creepy india turn hahahhahaha. Hey i'm not being racist. Imagine working from 7pm all the way till 7am. Zzzzzz. That's usually how an india turn works. So stop judging me!

Amsterdam again but i love this place :) Especially now it's gonna be spring! Tulips yay!!!

And someone's screwing with my roster. I was suddenly 'released' from standby this evening. I don't even know why or how it works. But i'm not complaining.

From 'you need to improve your work' on my 2nd check to 'keep up the good work' on the 3rd to 'you are very good for a new crew' on my last flight. I'm getting increasingly more comfortable and confident in my job now so life is great, especially when i know my job is (pretty much) secure. HOHO!!!!

Halfway through to clearing probation! Gogo!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009
I realized some of my readers come from all over the world, in particularly outstations with free internet hahahhahahha and most come from aiwei's blog! Luckily i don't say bad things about my colleagues hahaha.

I'm going to South Africa to see lions! So exciting! Yippee!

And somehow i'm always back at the right time like erm for valentine's day!

Waha too bad for dondon now he has to do something.


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
boring feb
Damnit everyone is laughing at my stoooopid roster! You know who people always like to ask you where is your next flight or how's your roster blahblah to create conversation. I'm almost embarrassed to tell them mine cos their reaction will either be hahahhahaha or wah lau how can they do this to you. At least before cny i could counter react by saying i touch down at 7am on cny eve and i got cny first to third day off hor (although it ended up becoming first to fifth day off). You got ornot?? But now i don't have anything to save my grace. And i just flew with this irritating boy who's going to japan, paris, moscow and houston on the same month. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS HUH!!!!

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