Monday, December 29, 2008
i want to make my blog colourful too
I wished my blog had more photos. See i was blog surfing(stalking) as usual and i got so jealous over the colourful blogs of others and their beautiful clothes and bags. And i thought damnit why don't i have this habit of taking pictures of food, my friends, my face, my hair, my dress, my bag, and my dog (opps sorry i don't have one) on every occasion i get.

I want to make my blog colourful too :( Maybe i will attempt to blog about some sort of an outing soon. But a lot of times, after putting up a picture, i dunno how to comment.

Like, for example. Today Mary, Lily, Tom, Dick, Harry and i went to Sushi Tei. I ordered soba. It was nice. Very delicious. We talked. It was fun catching up. The end.

I mean, how different can each "meet up for lunch" be? I think i'm bad at chronicling my life and its activities. Or maybe i'll simply put up some pictures and not comment. At least i'll have some sort of a memory of my youth when i become old and saggy.

Anyway i've accepted the fact that my most frequented shop is.... Watsons. You can get so many things there like cheap cosmetics that don't matter, toiletries, hair spray, hair wax, dry stores...... so many! I can live in a Watsons.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
1 2 3 4geddit

I'm starting to realize we've been doing things just for the sake of doing it.


"I should go out with you cos i should be accompanying you."


"I should buy you a present cos it's xmas."


"I should meet you if not too long a time would have lapsed."

You don't have to feel like you "should be" doing anything if you don't want to.

What's the point?

Forget it.

I'm in the just-do-whatever-you-want-i-can't-be-bothered/sui-bian-ni-up2u-i don't care mood.



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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Merry xmas 2008
Greetings from a pseudo indo crew. Indo flights are actually good. Indonesians are generally very friendly. After working for some time i think i will start stereotyping nationalities.

So i have an off day on Christmas eve, but i'll be staying at home watching tv while others have to fake MC to get Christmas off. Haha! I'm sorry, i know it's unfair. I also got cny eve, and first 3 days of cny off. Maybe someone from the office likes me.


But i think karma will hit me back in the face in terms of getting lousy flights for vday xmas birthdays new years etc. for the following years hehe but i guess it doesn't really make much difference to me. I'm just crossing my fingers very hard in hope that i can stay home for cny eve cos i don't wanna miss renuion dinner! How could i skip something that i've been doing for as long as i could remember.

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I am not Indo
I think my company has misunderstood. I am not an Indonesian staff. Why do you keep sending me to Indo??

Just got called up to go Jakarta right after a Bali flight. And guess where i'm going for Christmas. Yay Jakarta. I've got another Jakarta flight next month. Strange neh.

But at least i got Christmas eve off. Not that i'm doing anything special :'''''''''''(

I'm sent to Indonesia more often than any other country in the world right now. Next on the list is India/Australia. Woohoo!

Anyway, i came back from a $34 "volcanic stone" full body 2hour massage. Best $34 spent in a long time. I've never tried any form of full body massage but i don't think i ever will unless i'm scheduled for Bali night stop again.

Hello $34 in Singapore is only enough for a manicure :s

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Monday, December 22, 2008
Chronicles of the magic mushrooms
The magic mushrooms- formally known as Psilocybin mushrooms. I first heard of "magic mushrooms" in Bridget Jones' Diary. Back then was wondering what the hell mushrooms can make her so happy. I later realize they are hallucinogenic.


I never thought of trying them, really. Plus, to be honest, even though i was traveling with fellow colleagues, i just got to know them in the last 24hours. So, it's dubious and totally unlike me to get high with strangers. Sorry, i'm not a very spontaneous person.

But i didn't want to let down the instigator, so i agreed, albeit very reluctantly.

By the way they are not cheap. 18euro for a packet. We shared 2 packets among 4 idiots so i paid 9euro. Gahhh they tasted like bitter medicine.

Ugly mushrooms.
The 4 idiots looking to get high in PJs.

I didn't take in a lot, only about 3 stalks. 10mins into the first dose, none of us felt anything (by the way we were all just lying around in bed watching tv waiting for something to happen. so lame right). So we considered the possibility of being cheated into buying regular (bad tasting) mushrooms. Josh even considered taking a second dose ("where is mario???").

Somewhere after 20mins later.

"Do any of you feel a bit dizzy?"
"Yes yes yes!"
"Mario is coming!!"
"I feel like puking."
"Please, the bin is there."
"Wicked mushrooms."

30mins later. Incidentally, Nip Tuck was on tv.

"Do you all feel the curtains moving closer?"
"Is the ceiling very near me?"
"The curtains are moving!"
"Where got."
"Omg you're right! grace look! you have to stare!"
"Something is in the curtains! Go someone go and check!"
"Don't have lah."
"Shit you disturb my curtain show. we're watching the curtains."
"Ooh the curtains are breathing."
"Nice description."

I got up to pee.

"Guys you all have to stand up and walk around. the whole room is swaying!"
"Isit! come come."

Sex scene starts unfolding on tv.

"Wei why Nip Tuck is liddat one???!!"
"You dunno meh?"
"This is amsterdam. they never censor."
"Eeee omg."

I lost track of time already.

"I'm so sleepy."
"How tomorrow how to wake up for tour."
"Everything is moving! The tv is getting nearer and nearer!"
"Got meh."
"I'm so sleepy but i can't sleep."
"Play daidee lah."

I proceed to explain daidee rules to grace, obviously not too successfully.

"Where did you get the playing cards."
"Orh hor you steal."
"Is the load always full?"
"What kind of question is this??"
"Are we playing or not."
"I want to sleep already."
"How long?"
"What kind of question is this?"
"You all SO funny."
"The towels are moving."

As we began to get bored of the "curtain show", we switched off the lights to try and get some sleep. Yet it felt like.... drinking coffee after a long day of hard work. I was exhausted yet my brain was still buzzing with life. AND i was still feeling dizzy and pukish.

T: "I keep waking up!"
D : "Huh? you went to sleep already ah?"
J: "You deja vu ah?"
T: "Yes! yes deja vu!!"
D: "You ok or not?"
T: "No i'm not. I keep waking up!"
D,J,G: "Hhahahahaha."
T: "You guys are going to experience it later."

1min later.

T: "Did we just talk?"
J: "No."

T gets up to pee. 1 min later.

T: "Did i go to the toilet just now?"
J: "No."
T: "Are you sure? I keep waking up!"

T kept up with his "i keep waking up" speech for the next hour, convinced that we would get hit by the same deja vu effect soon. But eventually non of us did and we all fell asleep and woke up at intervals to discuss our very vivid dreams.

Very, very weird, but interesting.

Overall, we did laugh a lot. Josh asked if this was better than getting drunk and i said when i drink a lot i just felt very sleepy. Experiences varied with different individuals. Some experienced certain effects faster than others, perhaps depending on the dosage. Some had effects which others don't (such as deja vu). It wasn't exactly pleasant cos physically i felt quite bloaty, dizzy and pukish. After a while my limbs felt kinda numb like when you're down with a very bad flu and my body felt like it was floating on water.

But it was so much fun to see others doing and hear them saying stupid things, provided if you are conscious enough, which i was. I did not have much hallucinations as well, only swaying objects (due to the dizziness i presume) and changing shades of colours in the curtains. Don't ask me why only curtains.

Do note that this was all done in Amsterdam which was legal. They sell these all over the streets, including souvenir shops that you buy those keychain clogs.


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Thursday, December 18, 2008
regarding leaders
Ooops i got called up to go Sydney so did not blog about mushrooms yet.

Overall was a good flight. Had the best set of ranking crew ever. Had an leading who made milkshakes for us so that we can get sugar high for work. Sweet.

Personally, i feel that as a leader, it's so important to set a positive environment for work and be a good role model to the juniors. We usually have a briefing before work starts and some leaders will start the day by saying "don't let me catch you doing this-and-that it's so bad and people will complain and...." etcetc which already creates a negative beginning to the day.

On the other hand, an encouragement would go such a long way, especially for my job where smiles and enthusiasm for the customer is the key to a good job done. I honestly find it hard to smile from my heart when someone is breathing down my neck all the time.

But well i guess some people only care about themselves and they just don't see the big picture.



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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Ok here is Osaka. Did not take a lot of photos due to limited time but still...

My adorable bed. The room is the smallest hotel room i've ever seen. Not to mention the most stuffy, despite the fact that it's about 10 degree Celsius outdoors.

This is where i'll get lost.

But fortunately for people who can tell directions, as usual. The railway is one of those you see in movies where ghosts and zombies lurk around in the night.

This is Andy. He's only 20 but he has Gucci from head to toe. Good life. But we all have terrible eye bags. Gahhhh.

And so we reach Namba, the nearest, and the only shopping area we can visit. Japanese are really afraid of the cold, i noticed.

Cute Japanese snacks. As we strolled along the streets, we bought some random little snacks just to try. Not all are nice though.

I wasn't feeling too cold. No puffy jacket for me (:

The streets are really much more happening than Nagoya. And i'm telling you, they are infested with students, even late at night. Or at least people in uniforms. I expect they just came back from tuition or something.

Funny weird little man doing some publicity.

Yeahyeah sushi! Lovesloves.

Somehow i like to take pictures of crowded streets.

Me and my peach tea in front of a convenience shop.

The arcade machines just stretches neverendingly...............

Bentos! If you look at the price it's like 13,000 Yen which is like more than SGD200?!?!?! What kind of bento is this man... or are they selling the ornament...

The restaurant where i had my dinner. I'm sorry that up to this point my entry is quite boring cos my trip wasn't very interesting at all. Somehow. So much for Japan flights. I think we're all simply too tired. I went without sleep for more than 24hours just so we could max our time in Osaka. Was nodding off at dinner and almost smashed my head into the sushi. Typical.

Nice view from the room.

Hope i get a Narita soon.

Anyway anyway! My january roster is goooood! 2 long flights will bring me more money but of course we work hard for it. I'm now a psuedo indo crew cos i get indo flights all the time, more than that of real indo crew. Pffffft!

I don't think i'll blog about Amsterdam although it's my favourite trip so far, cos there are so many pictures that i can't decide which to post. Plus, i was too stupid to remember to change the settings in my new camera to reduce the size of pictures therefore the files are SO freakin huge therefore it'll take forever to upload.

So visit my facebook for pictures ok. I have like 4 albums :s

Dondon said i have to smoke weed there cos it's legal but i didn't. Instead we tried the magic mushrooms. Muahahaha it's so much more fun, rather than to get stoned and waste time getting high on weed.

Will blog about the chronicles of the magic mushrooms tomorrow.


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Saturday, December 13, 2008
samantha thavasa

I'm back from Osaka and Amsterdam since my last post.

Have got a lot to share but somehow i'm just too damn freakin lazy to blog.

But i should, before the memories leave me. Yes i do have an extremely short term memory.

Anyway while i was in Japan, i bought the most expensive bag i've ever bought in my life, which made don angry at me for a while. Don't worry it's not anything like LV or Chanel. In fact, it's only available in Japan and i bet only 5% of our little island has heard of this brand. But it's a pretty big purchase which left me guilty for a while.

But then i was thinking since i'm earning some moolah now i should give myself a treat, but then i remembered i already bought my camera. So...... my allowances for my work to and back from Amsterdam will pay for my bag and camera this month. The rest of my lousy flights will pay for other miscellaneous expenses. I guess this is how i'll calculate my finances from now on.

I kinda need someone to help manage my finances.

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Monday, December 1, 2008
I no longer need to bring the lousy cam i brought to Brisbane
I traveled to another continent! Here is Brisbane, Australia, where Asian students are aplenty.

Where i ate my lunch/dinner.

Organic beef burger.
Queen Street.

The church in front my my hotel room.

Nice, soft bed. Bit too soft cos i find it too much effort to get out of bed.
View from 4th floor hotel room.

Burger King rip off!!!

Quaint little bakery.
Just look at their cute patries!
Drools dribbles.
Cotton on was having 50% sale so the items were going for like 2 for $20! Wheee go crazy with the basics! Got a strawberry donut with chocolate drizzle from Krispy Kreme but i didn't like it at all. Too sweet :(

Ok i know i have not gotten my first big pay check yet but there was Sitex at Expo ok so being a closet gadget geek i had to go and get myself this....
Sony Cybershot T77. Whee ain't it cool yo. Don't ask me why i didn't get pink. I decided to stop being a bimbo. Anyway my winter coat is pink so brown matches pink. I was hell bent on getting a touchscreen camera, but pretended to shop around for cheaper options. I thought i could fool myself in saving some money but i still ended up being as stubborn as i am.

Big hole in pocket! But i saw so many other things i wanted to get hold of eg. ipod, usb speakers, pc games, psp games, portable hard drive with pink covers etc. I'd rather buy myself a Sony VAIO that can "play cds and dvds without the need to start windows" than a LV Speedy bag anyday.

Told you i'm a gadget geek! Shhh but no one's supposed to know.

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