Tuesday, October 28, 2008
plans, plans
Somewhere 2 years ago i was watching the korean drama 'goong', the female protagonist was grumbling about her husband. "Shin goon seemed to already have his future all planned out. His plan however, does not include me".

I thought wow this is so appropriate because it was exactly how i felt back then when dondon was overseas. He had so much to do, but all without me.

Anyway in this particular story, this Shin goon guy did had his future planned out, but now that his wife appeared, he meant to alter it to include her. Aiyo so sweet right, i wished dondon was Shin goon!

Back to reality, today our plans are totally unexpected from 2 years ago. But it's nice to know that i'm still part of the plan :)

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Monday, October 27, 2008
hum sup people aplenty
So much to do, so little time....

I'm ticking off my shopping list while class is going on....

And. I met a hum sup lou. He tells me that the aisles are very narrow on board and sometimes it's inevitable that your male colleagues' have to touch you. He told me this while holding and stroking my hand. I don't find his physical demonstration any bit appropriate at all but in this situation how can i remain some respect for myself without offending him?

Not only he's hum sup, he's also qi sin (weird in the head). When you are annoyed over the lack of understanding from people around you, do you feel the whole world is being strange? Or would you actually realize that the problem really lies with yourself? He definitely does not belong to the latter.

I forsee i will meet more of such people. Good luck!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008
hair dilemma

I found another crew with my same watch!! Eeeeeeks i never knew it was that popular when i bought mine!

Should i continue to keep my hair short? I do adore my short hair look, provided when it's not too flat and able to curl inwards. It's so clean and convenient. But i miss my long hair too :( Plus, my work identity is stronger with a bun. Even the taxi uncles knew where i was going before i could open my mouth.

Long hair = hair spray gao gao
Short hair = hair wax gao gao

Both also damaging lah. Choose one way to damage only.

Aiya. I somehow feel like i'm gradually losing my own identify after embarking on this job.


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Annie the mani
So i did my CPR test today and failed by 1 bloody second and did 2nd time then passed.

Very good already ok. Next time if you're choking or unconscious, come and find me. "I am a first aider! I can help you!" (oh yes i am supposed to say that)

Our good friend of the day, Annie. There is a baby version named Anne.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
i really liked the scarf
I could have been one of them.

Ok i stole this pic from my friend's blog, i hope she won't ever see this. She just graduated early this month, currently travelling japan, US and KL routes. She gets about 3 flights a month.

So i was reading (stalking) her blog and got SO envious of her 1001 photos during training in Haneda. They stayed there for about a month or so. Gah! i would so love to do that. Plus her whole blog page is just galore of training photos, and (gasp!) in uniform! I would so get sacked if i do that :'''( Unfair lah.

Yeah oh well i'm still thanking the stars for where i am now. Just wondering how different my life could have been if i had signed with the above airline instead. i was so close, but somehow my instincts says there's something *better out there. whew! Trust my instincts from now on!

*implying my personal choice of one company over another. does not directly/indirectly imply that any particular company is more superior over another, er, universally. see i really gotta be politically correct in what i write.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008
am i a chilli padi?

My trainer said i'm a chilli padi. I was so shocked. Nobody ever called me that! WHHYYYYyyyy.....

She said i was very aggressive during the safety procedures. Person so small voice so big. Huh!!! I knew i could shout very loud but i never thought i was aggressive. Gee! Anyway she said aggressiveness is the way to go during an emergency so i will pass my test.


And then dondon did this presentation on how opposites attract. He put my picture on his slides and described how i am dominant and he is the submissive one.

When he told me that it was another blow.

Suddenly my world s turned upside down. You mean i am not the person i thought i was???!!!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008
cute safety demo


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Saturday, October 11, 2008
I have to mention that i'm going to NGO and TPE !!

*screams and jumps around

I'm sososo lucky, got the best destinations for my training flights. I don't wanna go PEK or ADL loh lol.... would love to go ICN though but it's ok. I get to go japan!! So happy lah!! So these are the dates when i'll not be around...

6-8 nov nagoya
11-12 nov taipei
15 nov chennai turn

Yeah i know i'm going india hahahha so exciting. But it's only a turnaround. But we'll still get to eat muruku! I'm so hyped up over the destinations that i have to remind myself i gotta work before i get there...

Yay after that i can graduate. Hope i get ICN (seoul) soon, people kept saying the masks are very cheap. Ginseng is like water there. But someone said i'm being stupid cos i'll get all the destinations sooner or later anyway :(

I sua gu can??? boo.

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Friday, October 10, 2008
how to evacuate a plane

What am i up to?


I know you're thinking it's not that high. But when you're at the top of the slide i'm sure you'll hesitate too.

Ok a bit bimbotic.

And i finally got to shout HEADS DOWN!!! JUMP!! on top of my lungs like how i saw on tv. So shiok lah! I can shout very loud :)


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Sunday, October 5, 2008
jounrney to becoming a better person
I went out shopping and in an attempt to be a better person, i bought some things for myself.
Hahaha i know i sound so shallow, feeling better about myself after shopping for myself. But how can i not endorse my hand cream?! It's so great! Have you ever put on xxx brand of hand cream and ended up with such greasy hands that all your documents look like used facial blots? Not only it feels like char kway tiao, it also smells like fake plastic? (ya i know all plastics are fake but i'm just trying to emphasize the fake fake smell) Wahaha! My super handcream is light and smells subtly sweet. It is also inexpensive and handy! Get yours now!

I shall not endorse my casio watch cos it's redundant to most people. But i'm in love with the pale pink surface, dual time function and alarm. Plus i can't really read analog well so digital is good when i don't feel like using my brain to read the time. I just realized xuefen got the same watch too heh.

So now i can have beautifully moisturized hands, while being able to tell the time. Am i not a better person?


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Thursday, October 2, 2008
leather seats smell SO GOOD

I sat and LAID DOWN on the new B777-300ER series business class seats today (i think the A380 has the same seats) and i'm telling you, it can fit 2 of me. I can lie down completely flat and roll around. The seat is so wide that during emergency, an airbag will inflate at the side to prevent you from sliding side to side!!!

After visiting JCL seats and eating JCL food we concluded that economy class is not meant for human consumption.


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Wednesday, October 1, 2008
B777 here i come!
OK i just completed my foundation course papers. Not bad lah. Not say very easy loh, who bluff me.

But i made a mistake in my role play. Passenger didn't like my wine so i offered her another one. After that must do service recovery mehhhh! Whywhywhywhywhy it's not my fault that you don't like the wine can, there's nothing wrong with it. Why must i give you peanuts? PEANUTS somemore!! Where got people eat peanuts with wine??! -_-''''''''''''''


Anyway, time to move on. Damn excited to shout HEADS DOWN!!! i've been telling everyone about it. Expand my long-deprieved lungs. FINALLY! I don't have to put on wayang make up during safety training anymore. Plus i get to run and jump around so i'm convinced the best part of training is about to arrive!


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