Thursday, July 30, 2009
Been a long time
It's been a long time since i'm out on a sight-seeing trip.

It saves me a lot of money.

Oh well.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009
Jinling has superpowers. She can polish off a whole casserole of "chicken and mushroom with buttered rice" within 5mins even though she was 'not hungry', gulping down a "banana nut crumble with vanilla sauce" along the way. This was despite the fact that she had already emptied a casserole of "omelette with veal sausage, harshbrowns and potatoes" approximately 3 hours before.

She also gained 5kg within a year.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
The ST forum's really funny. I was reading this post, and it really brings out a very well-known and typical nature of Singaporeans too familiar to anybody who has tried to sell anything to one.

Insist on minimum service standards for budget airlines

I WAS scheduled on Valuair flight VF 504 on July 12, leaving Jakarta at 5.05pm and reaching Singapore at 7.30pm.
I checked in at about 4pm and went to Gate D5. The gate was not open, and passengers (more than 100 of us) waited... and waited.
After almost an hour, there was an announcement that the flight was delayed to 8pm. We had to wait in the terminal with no food or drinks offered by the airline, despite complaints. I had to change more Singapore dollars to Indonesian rupiah to buy something to eat. When I complained, the reply was that Valuair was a budget airline and the terms were stated in the fare agreement.
When we returned at 8pm, we were directed to Gate D4 for boarding. Dinner was offered as the flight was further delayed. But some passengers were vegetarian and had to go hungry as there were no vegetarian meals. Again, it was a budget airline, so sorry, was the reply.
After waiting for two hours in the boarding gate area, with no information on when we would depart, the passengers got very cross. There was a total information blackout. I could accept flight delays, but not this. It was not until some passengers started screaming and yelling that an announcement was made at about 10.45pm. We were told that we were scheduled to leave Jakarta at 12.45am and reach Singapore at 2.30am.
After we boarded, there was a commotion about the number of passengers and the flight was further delayed, apparently because the cabin crew and ground crew could not count. It was downright unprofessional as they argued with each other with no regard for passengers who had already gone through so much.
After this was sorted out, we finally took off and landed in Singapore at 3.20am, another 50 minutes behind schedule. In total, the delay was almost eight hours.
No vouchers were offered for taxi fares. I felt that was the least the airline could do, considering what the passengers had gone through. After all, if the flight had been on time, we could have taken a bus or train home. My taxi fare (with midnight charges) was $37.80.
When I tried to complain to Valuair, I realised it was another ordeal. First, Valuair's Singapore office telephone number, according to its website, was not in use. I had to call 100 to obtain another number.
When I finally got to speak to a Valuair officer, I asked for an e-mail address so I could complain and claim reimbursement for my taxi fare, but I was told there was no e-mail address. Finally, I asked her if she would rather I write to the press and her reply implied 'Go ahead'.
Martin Goh

Are you kidding me Mr. Goh??????

1) you expect zero delays in budget airlines.
2) you expect a budget airline to provide you with food and drinks in an occasion of a delay.
3) you expect a budget airline to have vegetarian meal. you want low-fat meal, non-lactose meal and low carbo meal also?
4) you expect a budget airline to compensate you taxi fare after a delay??????
5) What more you want? Chio stewardesses? Free flow alcohol? Full flat bed? 15.4 inch LCD wide screen?

Insist on minimum service standards for budget airlines

I WAS scheduled on Cheapoair flight CP666 on July 12, leaving Jakarta at 5.05pm and reaching Singapore at 7.30pm.

Not only the flight was delayed. Non of the stewardess looked chio like those i saw on VS runway. I think the airline should maintain its own image by hiring stewardesses who are pleasing to the eye. Not only they were unpretty, they were also very unprofessional. When i asked for bourbon coke, the stewardess replied curtly that there were non. What happened to customer service?

Also, the menu onboard was disappointing. I was hoping to get a lobster meal onboard, yet we were only offered sandwiches? This was not helped by the fact that we were all hungry from the long delay. How can anyone have a satisfying meal with merely sandwiches?

I attempted to contact the Singapore office to complain, but later found out that a complaint department is non-existent!! This is preposterous! At least what they could do is to offer me a voucher to make up for the horrible in flight experience!

Mr. want cheap-and-good aka i ask for it

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Monday, July 13, 2009
I will close my eyes and let august go by...
The way my august roster is right now, i can't even begin to describe how fucked up it is. But one thing i gotta comment is thanks for letting me report at 0845 on 27th august after telling me i can apply for off day on my birthday because my friend had to report at 5am after his birthday.

I told bella i stepped onto shit recently that's why i'm having suck bad luck. Just hope that my flights don't crash or anything.

I'm suffering from post vacation depression.

But don's been really nice. He wanted to buy guitar hero for his house so that i can play. I know he doesn't even like the game and he knows he kinda suck at it.

Thank you for loving me :)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009
screwed up
So i thought it was awesome that all my annual leave fall on school holidays - July August November December; i can finally spend more time with don! Go for a holiday trip overseas, or at least a mini 2day holiday on another island, or the very least spend more time holding hands going around town.


I need to stop wasting time hoping for things to happen. But how do i lower my expectations when it's already at the floor?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
So how are you?
I have a confession to make.

When people ask me how are you? Or how's life?, I don't really know what to say.

Especially when the same people ask them on a regular basis, like, once a week.

I usually go ok or good or same.

My life has been predominantly the same compared to last week. Or last month. Or last 6 months.

I'll only ask how are you? if i know something major has happened to one person, especially something bad. To create a conversation, I'd probably go how's school/work? or make a comment about his/her msn nick.

How are you?
is kinda vague. And formal. Maybe it's just a formal way of saying wassup yo?


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reflections about don
I had another problem for don today and he couldn't fix it.

"You are not smart anymore. I'm gonna remove my blog post."

He became very stressed and came up with many possible solutions containing clever-sounding phrases like "region code" and "NTSC".

Ok i'll let my post stay.

Then i was thinking back about mentioning to my 2nd boyfriend, how don would never find out if i have another boyfriend (ya i know, a little confusing) cos he never bother about what i do and with whom in my free time.

Suddenly for the first time, i questioned this little assumption. Hmmmm.... is that right?

There probably has been a change of behaviour recently cos i recall the following events last weekend.

"Where are you?"
"Raffles city."
"What you doing in Raffles city."
"Drinking Ribena."
"??????? Why you come Raffles city to drink Ribena?"
"Cos Raffles City Ribena very nice to drink."
(I happened to be taking a mini shopping break in the foodcourt with batchmate bella.)
"????? With who?"
"With a chiobu."
"Chiobu loh. Very chio one."
"Then you eating dinner outside ah."
"With chiobu?"
"No, with shuaige."

"Who sms you?"
"Chiobu ask me out."
"Very chio one."
"Jianning lah!"

I certainly won't be able to add to my boyfriend collection without at least making up half a story now. Gee.

So it seems like i've had plenty of time to make reflections about don recently. It also seems like we have many pointless and annoying conversations together.



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Monday, July 6, 2009
Smart Don
Don is so smart. I called him yesterday.

"Hi.... i got a problem"
"My free anti virus that came with my new laptop is asking me to verify subscription. But must pay."
"Then delete."
"Ya i did. Now i got no more anti virus."
"Go to this website .......... Free."
"Huh. Not trial also meh? Can protect meh?"
"No. It's full. Always will update itself."

"I want to buy guitar hero."
"Go to this website......... People selling cheap."
"Huh. Will it be old? I don't wanna play with old and spoilt instruments."
"NO. You can ask about the conditions and check when you receive it."
"Oh. Hey someone selling Street Fighter!"
"I know. It's a good buy cos outside selling $80plus and the game is only 2months old."
"Someone selling Dawn of War!"
"Ya, i know"

He's almost like a search engine!

"How come you know everything! Huh?huh?huh?huh?huh?"
"You're so irritaing."


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